Do I really need a Facebook page for every restaurant in my group?

If you own a restaurant group, you may be thinking about the best course of action regarding your social media pages. Many restaurant chains currently use one ‘head office’ account to promote all branches of their business. While this may seem like an easier way of managing things – you’ll have all of your audience is in one place receiving the same content – you may actually be limiting the full potential of your social content. Here are 5 reasons you should consider having individual accounts for your branches, as opposed to just one:

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5 of London’s most Instagrammable Restaurants!

Okay, let’s admit it. No one eats out anymore without even the slightest intention to get a sneaky Instagram shot to give their page the right aesthetic. When eating out these days, it’s less about the ambience, it’s less about the taste of the food- it’s 2018, it’s about the Instagram shot, right? Social media provides restaurants and cafes with the most powerful marketing tool that they can utilise- and, best of all, it’s free for them! Providing they have unique and stylish decor, along with excellent presentation, the Instagram likes and shares will speak for themselves, spreading the word about the business and in turn, bringing in more Instagram fiends looking to get their own photo, filtered to perfection, of course! It’s simple- the better looking the restaurant and the food is, the more photos are shared on social media so therefore, the more people are likely to want to visit.

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Is a private or public Instagram account better for business?

It’s no secret that businesses would be slightly foolish not to take advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram in order to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, right? After all, a successful Instagram page enables a business to effectively promote their products and services to a huge amount of potential customers in a way that is current, hugely accessible and free. You could say your business’ social media pages are pretty much your modern day business cards for the tech-savvy generation!

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The impact of using authentic imagery on social media vs. using stock imagery

It’s clear that in this day and age, visual content is essential to any good, marketing strategy. Especially online, visual imagery captures the attention of the audience easier than any body of text can, and provides a simple way for businesses to sell their product to their consumers. Businesses can choose to use their own imagery of their products- or alternatively, plenty of stock imagery sites exist which contain thousands of high quality, professional photographs, available to download for free.

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