The Banyan Tree

‘Customers are looking for something different so it’s important to show them you’re doing that online’

The Banyan Tree is based in the heart of Peterborough city centre, inside a beautiful grand building that boasts a chic, modern interior. Serving up predominantly North Indian Cuisine – their chefs certainly know how to serve up authentic flavours with stunning presentations.

The Banyan Tree chose to partner with Really Social back in 2016 to showcase their restaurant to drive more bookings locally.

‘We were trying to do it ourselves but we were so inconsistent, there was no structure to it and we thought – it needs to be managed. We weren’t 100% sure how we should be presenting ourselves on social media, in terms of imagery – and I wanted it commented on from a slightly different perceptive than our own. You’ve shown us about the paid advertising with targeting and demographics, we knew it was there, but not exactly what to do with it.’

Our team took the time to understand The Banyan Tree right down to the finest detail to ensure we presented the restaurant online exactly as Dinesh wanted the business to be perceived, whilst developing a clear marketing strategy that drove results. Through a combination of curated content and targeted adverts we ensured thousands of local people were aware of what the Banyan Tree had to offer every month.

‘I love the positivity, when we sit down to talk, you’re really forthcoming. You are proactive, and you’ve sat down and worked it out with us to adopt a strategy. It’s not just uploading pictures, there’s a real strategy behind it so it flows nicely when you see our content online.’

‘The team is really responsive, and the way you’ve invested in your business is great to see. I like the app, you’ve brought people on board who are experts in their field, and you’re really nice people to work with! I generally don’t work with people I don’t like – so I won’t just go for the cheapest price. I think it’s important to be able to work with people you like, as the results are always better!’

‘I think you guys understand what we want to achieve and what the restaurant’s about.’


  • Advert Views:35,205
  • People Reached:29,857
  • Footfall:8%
  • Ad spend:£20
  • Report from December 2017 - January 2018.

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